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Welcome to Lotnext!

Lotnext is looking to connect lottery executives, private operators, policy makers, technology providers, investors, and charities to help them stay abreast of the latest developments while a  fundamental transformation is rocking the competitive lottery environment.

The European lottery landscape is changing. Paper tickets, bought in brick-and-mortar shops, are already being supplemented – and may eventually be overtaken – by online offerings. The digital transformation of the lottery world is challenging state monopolies and traditional operators. Private competition is coming, but adequate regulation is lacking. More fundamentally, should governments, apart from their role as regulators, even be in the lottery business?


Lotnext is offering a weekly, dedicated lottery newsletter. Europe’s first and only. Lotnext is offering exclusive quarterly content, by invitation only. Every spring, Lotnext is offering a not-for-press, C-level summit. Again, by invitation only.

Our Lotnext Briefing reaches hundreds of lottery insiders. Signing up is free. We also invite our readers to contribute and share their insights. Let us know what you think. We can be reached at: editor@lotnext.com.

Kind Regards – Willem van Oort