Thailand lottery to be reformed – Focus Gaming News

Thailand lottery to be reformed – Focus Gaming News

The double lottery tickets in Thailand will be eliminated from the market next September.

Thailand.- The Government of Thailand has announced upcoming changes for the gaming industry. According to the Nation Multimedia newspaper, lottery tickets will soon be updated following federal gaming legislations. The expected changes would be implemented since September 1, as the local press revealed.

The Government Lottery Office (GLO) has unveiled new plans to control the gaming industry in Thailand. The governmental authority presented this week a new ticket system that will be used by the national lottery platform. Lottery agencies will be urged to update their ticket systems before September.

The popular double lottery system will be eliminated under a national plan to reduce frauds and financial tampering. Double ticket lottery allows players to bet for two tickets but only pay one. Lottery agencies sell two tickets for BT$40 each (US$1.17).

During a national statement released last Wednesday, GLO director Maj Gen Chalongrat Nakathit explained that the elimination of double lottery tickets aims at enhancing the controlling devices and preventing potential frauds as a single ticket barcode would ease authentication.

The new single lottery tickets would cost, in its releasing, BT$80 (US$2.34). The government seeks more safety measures to operate the gaming industry. As the Nation Multimedia newspaper stated, Thai residents expressed their support on the new measure.

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