UK EuroMillions remains unaffected by Lottoland

UK EuroMillions remains unaffected by Lottoland

New analysis showing UK EuroMillions ticket sales have been unaffected since Lottoland entered the UK betting market in September 2015 has been submitted to UK Government.

Lottoland, the world’s leading online lottery betting company, submitted the evidence following extensive analysis as part of its response to the Department of Culture, Media and Sport’s (DCMS) consultation on non-UK EuroMillions lottery betting, which closed last week.

The same analysis highlighted that UK ticket sales were significantly impacted by decisions controlled and taken by the EuroMillions community and the UK EuroMillions operator, Camelot.

Independent research, also included within Lottoland’s consultation response, challenges the assumption that customers might be confused. The majority of Lottoland’s players understand the difference between playing the lottery and betting on the outcome of a non-UK EuroMillions game.

Lottoland CEO Nigel Birrell welcomed the opportunity to respond to DCMS’s consultation, saying. 

“Lottoland wholeheartedly supports evidence-based policy making. But the Government themselves accepts there is no evidence that betting on lotteries impacts lottery revenues and returns to good causes in the UK.


“In fact, the evidence and analysis we’ve submitted proves we do not take customers away from Camelot. In truth, it is their own decisions that are having a significant and often negative impact.


“We are keen to work constructively with Government and want to help them build the evidence they need to make a full and proper assessment of non-UK EuroMillions betting.”

Lottoland is calling on the Government to open a review period for a minimum of two years before making a final decision on any regulatory or legislative changes. This will give decision-makers time to evaluate the new evidence and commission further research in order to make a full and proper assessment of non-UK EuroMillions betting.

The company strongly believes that to make a decision at this stage is not in the public interest and would not represent a proportionate public policy response considering there is no evidence-based rationale for intervention.

Lottoland is keen to work with Government, regulators and all interested parties to ensure players in the UK continue to have access to safe and responsible lottery betting platforms with the right information to make informed decisions.