Global Lottery Sales Continue to Gain Momentum …and More!

Global Lottery Sales Continue to Gain Momentum …and More!

Arjan van ‘t Veer Appointed as Secretary General of the European Lotteries Association

The Executive Committee of the European Lotteries has appointed Dr Arjan van ‘t Veer as the new Secretary General of the European Lotteries (EL). Dutchman Van ‘t Veer currently serves as the Director of Corporate Affairs at Nederlandse Loterij, the company that resulted from the merger between De Lotto and Nederlandse Staatsloterij.

“I am very honored to have been appointed for this role. The European Lotteries Association stands before an important crossroads – stakeholders and the general public are changing their attitudes towards gambling, players and games are more than ever technology-driven, regulators are shifting their paradigms. Within the European Lotteries Association, members and suppliers are also getting new roles and responsibilities. Creating value for our members and important stakeholders such as players in the different countries, members, suppliers and regulators will be an important task in my new role,” Van ‘t Veer said.


Bet-on-Lotteries Model Makes Splash in Australia

After shaking up the UK and Germany lottery markets, Lottoland decided to take its controversial bet-on-lotteries model to Australia, where the company grew from zero customers in January to over 400,000 in its first year of operation.

“We are now selling over $1m worth of bets every week with a product that has an extraordinary high margin and has far exceeded all our expectations on entering the Australian market,” Luke Brill, Lottoland Australia managing director told EGR Intel.

“Nobody goes to the video store any more, they use Netflix. People used to go to the TAB but now they bet on their Ladbrokes or Sportsbet apps, so why are people still going to the newsagents to buy their lottery tickets when you can play on your mobile for jackpots that dwarf what’s on offer in Australia?” Brill continued.

In related news, Lottoland has acquired the first-ever lottery messenger license in Gibraltar, granting the company full legal rights to offer messenger services for all international lottery products.

The operator, however, has also been censured by the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for a misleading ad campaign which gave the impression it offered lottery products.


ZEAL Invests in Free-to-Play Online Lottery Platform

ZEAL Investments has announced that it has invested £1 million in free-to-play online lottery platform the Free Postcode Lottery in return for a 10% stake.

James Oakes, director at ZEAL, commented: “We are looking to eventually create a global lottery, as there is currently no fully international lottery, the closest at the moment is the Euromillions.”

Oakes added that free-to-play lotteries offered more flexibility in terms of regulations and came without some of the social stigma attributed to paid lotteries. Free lotteries currently do not need licenses for the US, India, China and some EU territories.


Mobile-Friendly Lottery Game Lotto Hero Offers €1m Draws Every Hour

Gaming platform software provider Bit8 has announced the launch of Lotto Hero, a new mobile-friendly lottery game. The game will be hosted on multiple operator sites, generating enough liquidity to hold a million-Euro draw 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


“Lottery Players Are Gamers”

According to Jim Kennedy, chief executive of Scientific Games’ lottery division:

“The player who visits a bookmaker and plays a machine in London is also walking over to the retailer and buying a Thunderball lottery ticket. The same player then gets home and plays online. This convergence on the consumer side has really been at the heart of how we think about everything we do. […] I think it is really important for us – as a gaming company as well as an interactive company – to realise that, if you’re looking for sheer reach participation, lottery players are a rich target environment as our innovations begin to cross-collateralise.”


The Changing Face of the Dutch Lottery Landscape

Gaming lawyer Dr Alan Littler discusses recent key developments in the Netherlands’ lottery sector:

“Much of the focus on the Netherlands in recent times has been on the opening of the remote gambling market, which should take place in early 2018 […] However, change has already arrived for good cause lotteries in the Netherlands – or ‘non-incidental’ lotteries as they are technically referred to.”


Global Lottery Sales Continue to Gain Momentum

Lotteries around the world continued to gain momentum in the third quarter of 2016, resulting in an aggregate increase in sales of 4.9% for the period January–September 2016, as against January–September 2015, the World Lottery Association (WLA) reports:

“The African region enjoyed the strongest performance over the first nine months of 2016, as against the first nine months of 2015, with participating African lotteries reporting an aggregate increase in sales of 27.6% for Q1–Q3 2016, as against Q1–Q3 2015. Once again,             the main contribution to the performance of the African market came from South Africa’s Ithuba. […]

The North American market also performed robustly, with participating North American lotteries reporting an aggregate three-quarter year on three-quarter year increase in sales of 7.8%. […]

The picture in Europe was similar to that reported at half year, with participating European lotteries witnessed an aggregate increase in sales of 4.2% over the period January–September 2016, as against January–September 2015. Leading the pack was Norway’s Norsk Tipping, which saw its sales strengthen from a half-year on half-year increase of 10.8% to a nine-month on nine-month increase of 11.8%. Also performing strongly were France’s FDJ, which reported a 9M-on-9M increase in sales of 8.9%, and Hungary’s Szerencsejáték Zrt., where sales increased by 8.5% over the 9 months through to September 2016, as opposed to the corresponding revenue period of 2015.”


Other News

A new European Parliament report on sports policy highlights the contribution of lotteries to grassroots sports.


Earlier this month, the Dutch Postcode Loterij distributed €341m among 110 different charities and good causes at the “Goed Geld Gala.” Online magazine De Correspondent took an in-depth look at how that money is being apportioned.


Novomatic Lottery Solutions (NLS) has won a seven-year contract to provide its technology platform to Estonian National Lottery operator.


Gaming and lottery solutions provider International Game Technology (IGT) has expanded its long-term supply deal with Switzerland’s Loterie Romande to include the Aurora suite of products and services.


The Irish National Lottery has found itself at the center of a controversy stemming from a claim of a previous lotto winner that the agency gave him advice on how to avoid tax.


Lawyers representing lottery players have lodged a civil suit against former Illinois Lottery operator Northstar Lottery Group for alleged manipulation of winning tickets.


Ontario Lottery and Gaming’s revenues are falling far short of what the operator promised provincial lawmakers.


China’s lottery market saw total sales increase by 7% to RMB394.64bn (€53.6bn) in 2016.