European Lotteries (EL) and the World Lottery Association (WLA) Lead Fight against Match-Fixing …and More!

European Lotteries (EL) and the World Lottery Association (WLA) Lead Fight against Match-Fixing …and More!

World Lottery Association Elects New Executive Committee

At the World Lottery Summit 2016, a new WLA Executive Committee took office:

  • Mr. Jean-Luc Moner-Banet, General Director of Société de la Loterie de la Suisse Romande, Switzerland, was re-instated as WLA President for an unprecedented third term.
  • Ms. Rebecca Paul Hargrove, President and CEO of the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation, USA, was re-elected to the position of Senior Vice President.
  • Ms. Marion Caspers-Merk, Managing Director of Staatliche Toto- Lotto GmbH Baden-Württemberg, Germany, was elected to the position of Vice President, replacing Mr. Gilson César Braga, National Superintendent of Lotteries at Caixa Econômica Federal, Brazil.
  • Mr. Alfred Monaco, President of the Asociación de Loterías, Quinielas y Casinos Estatales de Argentina (A.L.E.A.), Argentina, was elected as a regular member of the WLA Executive Committee.


UK Online Gaming Overtakes National Lottery as Camelot Reports Record Digital Sales

With revenues of £4.5bn, the UK online gaming sector made up 33% of the country’s entire gambling market in the period between April 2015 and March 2016, surpassing both the National Lottery (£3.4bn) and retail bookmakers (£3.3bn), according to figures released by the UK Gambling Commission.

Meanwhile, UK National Lottery operator Camelot has reported a “challenging period” for the organization following changes to its main lottery products.

Its half-year 2016/17 results were down 6% on the corresponding period during the previous year.

During that period, however, Camelot achieved record digital sales, with mobile revenue up 13.5% year-on-year.

“With the current climate of economic uncertainty and signs that consumers are being more cautious with their spending, we expect the next six months to be similarly challenging. We’re also seeing no let-up in the direct, often aggressive, competition we’re facing from the wider gambling sector – especially from bet-on-lottery firms purporting to offer the same products as The National Lottery – and from large ‘umbrella-style’ society lotteries,” Camelot CEO Andy Duncan said.

Further illustrating the changing lottery landscape in the UK, the National Lottery draw will no longer be shown live on BBC One from next year. Instead, Camelot is reaching out to a younger audience by signing a deal to broadcast its Lotto draws on Facebook Live.


UK National Lottery Operator Camelot Hit by Massive Hack

While digital offers many new opportunities, there are also new risks. For instance, UK National Lottery operator Camelot reported that around 26,500 online player accounts were unlawfully accessed.

Further increasing Camelot’s digital woes, the operator was forced to pull its National Lottery mobile app in late October after players complained it was incorrectly verifying winning tickets as losers. The app was withdrawn for nearly a month until Camelot could issue a fix, and even then only for the iOS version.


Shake-up in German Online Lottery Reseller Market

While German online lottery broker Lotto24 has expanded its product offering to include the country’s longest-running social lottery Deutsche Fernsehlotterie, Sydney-listed online reseller Jumbo Interactive is pulling the plug on its German-facing business, citing unfavorable market conditions.

Jumbo Interactive will close its Hamburg office and switch to an affiliate model where players will be referred to one-time rival operator Lotto24.

In related news, Germany’s Deutsche Sportlotterie has announced a major revamp, including a larger jackpot, as well as “a radically simplified game formula.”


Swedish Lotteries Warned for Failing to Disclose Ties to Social Democrats

Three Swedish lotteries, Kombilotteriet, Drömreselotteriet och Motorlotteriet, received a warning from the country’s regulator after failing to disclose in their advertisements that the surplus from their sales goes to the Social Democratic Party and the Social Democratic Youth League.

“I have nothing against the Social Democrats, but I think it is sad that a large party is being funded in such a murky way. It is not fair,” according to a man from Goteborg who lodged a complaint with Lotteriinspektionen.


European Lotteries (EL) and the World Lottery Association (WLA) Lead Fight against Match-Fixing

On December 7, European Lotteries (EL) and the World Lottery Association (WLA) organized the Sports Integrity Conference, part of the two-day International Sports Convention 2016, to discuss the integrity of sports and the ongoing fight against match-fixing.

WLA President Jean-Luc Moner-Banet commented:

“Lotteries are one of the primary partners of sports. As such, they have a strong commitment to preserving the integrity and credibility of sports. Lotteries have played a pioneering role in the fight against match fixing. For many years we have been active in the areas of education and capacity building, the sharing of information, and the monitoring of betting patterns – most recently through the establishment of the GLMS.”


Other News

74% of lucky lottery players who won one million euros or more, reported no increase in happiness, according to a customer survey by Dutch operator Postcode Loterij.


While the UK’s National Lottery draw will no longer be shown live on BBC One from next year, the Spanish State Lottery (Loterías y Apuestas del Estados) has launched a tender for the production and televised broadcast of its draws, worth €26.8m per year.


A large number of Spanish elderly are reportedly very upset with a this year’s commercial for Spain’s famous Christmas lottery featuring a forgetful grandmother.


The 2018 edition of the World Lottery Summit will be held in Buenos Aires.


“Strong lottery performance across the world, a larger global installed base, and increased sales of gaming machines drove another quarter of solid revenue and profit expansion,” said Marco Sala, CEO of IGT, commenting on his company’s Q3 results.


Novomatic has completed its acquisition of the Albanian National Lottery.


The Bulgarian National Lottery’s live dealer gaming studio will be powered by Ezugi.


Online lottery provider ZEAL Network has launched a new investment arm to provide finance and support to start-ups seeking to disrupt the lottery market.


Cyprus will review its current OPAP lottery deal, which MPs said was costing the Cypriot government €1 million a month in lost tax revenues.


Amid dwindling funds for sports training, Australia’s Olympic chief John Coates has joined calls for the government to set up a A$50 million ($37.35 million) online lottery.