Camalot repairs iOS mobile app faults

Camalot repairs iOS mobile app faults

UK National Lottery operator Camelot has now fixed its Apple iOS app, following nearly a month-long interruption, and has updated its customers informing them that the app is functioning correctly.

The lottery operator further promised in an ‘important player message’ to its Android-using customers that the Android app is currently in the final testing processes and would be ’coming out soon’.

In October, Camelot withdraw its iOS and Android mobile apps from the market after a number of customers reported that both manual-entry and QR ticket checking functionalities were wrongly informing winning players that they had a losing ticket.

The operator had been widely criticised by the UK media for neglecting its customer’s feedback relating to its faulty apps. However, Camelot’s leadership and management have publicly emphasised that they are strenuously improving the company’s mobile and digital verticals, and that the new apps have been “independently checked for extra reassurance.”

Source: Camalot repairs iOS mobile app faults