The 10 lottery Twitter accounts every lottery professional should follow. – Lottovate

The 10 lottery Twitter accounts every lottery professional should follow. – Lottovate

1. Matt Myles

A visit to Matt Myles’ Twitter account is a testament to the life-changing power of lotteries; it’s the reason these games were invented. In 2014, Matt Myles was doing manual labour in a factory. Not a regular player, he casually picked up a EuroMillions ticket – and promptly won £1 million. Even better he livetweeted the whole thing, and remains active today: you can see what Matt’s life was like before the big payout, and the new life of wealth, luxury, and happiness he leads today.

2. Richard Lustig

Richard Lustig is an interesting character. While the veracity of his claim to have won the lottery seven times is in dispute – two of his ‘big wins’ seem to have been package holidays – there’s no doubt that he has had considerable success with these games. These days, he shares his lottery-winning secrets in books, on websites, and on Twitter.

The real question, of course, has less to do with whether or not he actually won – and everything to do with whether or not there is such a thing as a ‘lottery strategy’: is there any rhyme or reason to the draw? Can players do anything to influence the outcome? We’ve always believed this to be the case – you can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket!

3. Big Lottery Fund

The Big Lottery Fund is the charitable arm of the UK National Lottery, and invests over £650 million in deserving causes every year. That would be creditable enough, but it also serves as a case study in how lottery organisations can do social media right. It’s full of shareable, heart-warming content that engages its audience – and shows the lottery’s good work in action.

4. Florida Lottery

Florida’s got a reputation for craziness – “Only in Florida” is a popular saying for a reason – and Florida Lottery’s social media accounts proudly maintain it. Chimps! Camels! Stock cars! Whatever you see on Florida Lottery’s Twitter page, there’s a good chance you weren’t expecting it. And what’s more, it’s raised $28 billion for education!

5. EuroMillions

The big one! Everyone wants to win the lottery – but if anyone in Europe had a choice of which lottery to win, they’d go for this one. Where a regular lottery win can make you rich, a EuroMillions win will set your family up for generations. Not only can you keep up to date with the latest results and jackpots their Twitter feed is pretty entertaining, highlighting winner stories and encouraging followers to picture themselves living the millionaire lifestyle!

6. BCLC Gamesense

While we love gaming and lottery play here at Lottovate, it’s equally important to remember when the fun has to stop – before it becomes something more serious. BCLC Gamesense, a Canadian responsible gambling organisation, does an excellent job of reminding us of this on Twitter every day, where it dispenses valuable nuggets of wisdom such as “#Athletes may want to give 110%, but #gamblers shouldn’t. Set a budget and stick to it. #GameSense.”

7. Alan Dedicoat

Also known as “Dedders” or “The Voice of the Balls.” In the UK, he requires no introduction: he’s been reading the numbers for the BBC’s gaming programmes for decades now, and is a genuine British lottery institution.

8. Mike Redfern – Journalist for LotteryWorld

If you want to keep up to date with the latest happenings in the lottery industry, Mike Redfern of LotteryWorld should be one of your first ports of call. Despite its wide-ranging, international emphasis, he manages to distil the most interesting goings on in the industry on a daily basis.

9. Cynthia Stafford

Cynthia Stafford won $100m with a lottery ticket – and decided to use it as an opportunity for doing some good. Famous for her charitable endeavours, Stafford believes she won by using the Law of Attraction.

Is there a mystical element to certain lottery wins? We don’t know, but it’s always good to read Stafford’s insights – and it’s great to see lottery winners using their payout for the public good.

10. Stuart Hoegner – gaming and lottery events from a legal perspective

The best lottery professionals need to be fully up to date with both existing regulation and potential new legislation in the jurisdiction. Stuart Hoegner always keeps his feed packed with the most interesting legal developments in the industry – whether they’re minor amendments to existing laws, or radical changes that could alter the way we perceive state and national lotteries.

And five we wish were on Twitter

Bruce LaFleur

Isn’t it about time Bruce LaFleur, one of the pre-eminent voices in the lottery media, got on social media? Even as we enjoy his industry-defining conferences, everyone in the sector is missing his Twitter insights badly.

Paul Jason

Paul Jason, esteemed lottery journalist and CEO of the Public Gaming Research Institute, is a voice sorely missed on Twitter. He’s known for keeping a finger firmly on the pulse of the industry, and his observations would be a welcome addition to any social media channel.

Yvonne Schnyder

Yvonne Schnyder’s CV is one of the most impressive you’ll find: she’s served as Secretary General of the WLA, Intertoto, and the European Football Pool. She’s also received an acknowledgement from UEFA for her dedication to European Football. Wouldn’t it be great to get regular updates from one of the industry’s most (rightly) esteemed voices?

Gary Grief, ex-NASPL Chief

Gary Grief, ex-NASPL Chief, is one of the most prominent faces in the American lottery industry. In addition to his position on the Texas Lottery Commission, Grief served as head of the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries. To get a small window into the day-to-day of his work, such as the challenges he faced last year dealing with a decision by Texas legislators that could have threatened the state’s lottery would have been a fascinating and educational exercise. Being a fly on the wall as an action to not renew the state commission’s licence was announced and then reversed in the same day would have been quite the experience – and social media is the ideal venue for it. Grief should sign up immediately!

Dato Lawrence Lim Swee Lim

If APLA Chairman Dato Lawrence Lim Swee Lim signed up to Twitter, he’d be able to offer lottery professionals a glimpse into the daily workings of Asia-Pacific lotteries and how the Eastern perspective differentiates from the West.

Which lottery professionals do you follow on Twitter? Reach out to us on @Lottovate and let us know!

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Source: The 10 lottery Twitter accounts every lottery professional should follow. – Lottovate