Lotnext Briefing – German States Reach Broad Agreement on New Interstate Gambling Treaty …and More!

Lotnext Briefing – German States Reach Broad Agreement on New Interstate Gambling Treaty …and More!

UK Operator Camelot Pulls Faulty Lottery App

Illustrating that digitalization can have its pitfalls, the UK National Lottery suspended its apps after a technical glitch meant some players may have been told to discard winning tickets, according to UK daily The Independent.

The company blamed the error on a new software release, which it said would have affected a minority of users.

Many players, however, are expressing outrage on social media that they may have unwittingly thrown out tickets that may have been winners.

In July, the UK Gambling Commission fined Camelot £300,000 after the National Lottery’s website displayed incorrect winning numbers for a Lotto Millionaire Raffle result.


European Lotteries (EL) Recognizes Responsible Gaming Concept of WestLotto

The responsible gaming concept of German operator WestLotto, the state-owned operator of Bundesland Nordrhein-Westfalen, was once again recognized for its excellence by umbrella organization European Lotteries (EL).

“We are continually working to improve our concept in cooperation with various organizations and experts in order to minimize the risks,” Managing Director Andreas Kötter said. “Dealing with games of chance in a responsible manner is an elementary part of our work. Our responsible gaming concept is lived – by our employees, as well as by our partners at retail points.”


Dutch Court: Lottery License De Lotto Improperly Awarded

The District Court in The Hague ruled that lottery operator De Lotto (now: Nederlandse Loterij) was awarded its lottery license in a manner that violated European regulations.

According to the Court, the license was awarded in a non-transparent manner, while potential competitors of De Lotto were unjustly kept from competing for the available license.

However, De Lotto’s current license will not be suspended.

Earlier, the District Court in Amsterdam already found that the Netherlands Gaming Authority had unjustly refused to consider the license application of new market entrant Lottovate.


German States Reach Broad Agreement on New Interstate Gambling Treaty

Last Friday. the prime ministers of the sixteen German federal states (Länder) reached broad agreement on the outline of a new Interstate Treaty on Gambling to replace the current treaty that has been widely criticized by the courts and the European Commission.

The previous treaty’s restriction on issuing no more than twenty sports betting licenses will be scrapped, to be replaced with an uncapped system in which minimum quality standards are the criteria.

The gaming regulators of the Länder are also instructed to consider recent developments in other European countries with regard to online casino games “in order to investigate which regulatory measures will further contribute to the goals of the Interstate Treaty in this area,” potentially opening the door to the legalization of these games.


Other News


Canada’s Atlantic Lottery Corporation was found to have spent excessively on travel and entertainment for staff.


Mainland China’s total sales from official lottery products increased by 6.6% year-on-year in the first nine months of 2016.


A lucky Italian wins €163m after buying a €3 lottery scratchcard.


Following a wave of complaints, lottery officials in Laos were forced to publicly deny that their product is fixed.