Italy opening VLT certification to new suppliers

Italy opening VLT certification to new suppliers

Entering the Italian video lottery (VLT) market has long been a challenge for many VLT platforms and game suppliers. Until now, that is.

Among the major issues in the Italian video lottery market has been the time it takes for new platforms and games to be approved and the changes regulators has made to the technical requirements, which, in turn, creates a “bottleneck effect” for suppliers, resulting in product rollout delays.

The certifications are run by Italian gambling authority Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli’s IT supplier, the Sogei, which has limited capabilities. However, there is a possibility that video lottery certifications will soon be run by private companies, potentially making it easier for new suppliers to enter the Italian market.

According to a Gaming Tech Law report, the Italian Budget Law 2016 has “provided that certifications of VLT platforms and games will now be run by accredited private entities,” although the Italian gambling authority still needs to replace the “out of date” technical rules.

Once these new technical rules are drafted and submitted to the European Commission for a three-month “stand still period,” in which members of the European Commission and other European Union member states can raise their comments, then they can be adopted.

Currently, when the change will come is still uncertain, but there’s no doubt that it’s ramifications will be quite considerable both for the VLT platforms and game suppliers and for the Italian video lottery market.