Irish customers complain of difficult online lottery experience

Irish customers complain of difficult online lottery experience

More than two dozen reports have been lodged before Ireland’s Office of the Regulator of the National Lottery (ORNL), complaining of difficulties playing lottery games online.

Overall, the ORNL received a relatively small number of complaints—a total of 35 in the first six months of 2016, compared to 31 reports during the entire 2015, according to the Irish Examiner. However, 25 of these complaints were from customers of the National Lottery.

The complaints, according to the news outlet, were mostly about the “online experience” on the lottery’s website interface, including games ending before they were completed as well as the transfer of funds to online accounts. Customers also complained of the National Lottery website’s “game design and price.”

One player told the ORNL that they used the same numbers repeatedly, but still failed to win a prize. Other customers complained about the lack of information from the National Lottery.

Both Lotto and Euromillions games have undergone several changes in the past year, which included not only an increase in the prices, but also lengthened the odds of winning the big prize.

The ORNL has drawn flak in the past for not being proactive in handling the public’s complaints, but the Irish Examiner said “it is understood the regulator’s website will soon be revamped to streamline the complaint making process.”

The regulator has forwarded 29 of the cases to the National Lottery for further information and response, according to the news outlet.