Camelot and Lottoland Trade Barbs over EuroMillions Ticket Price Increase …and More!

Camelot and Lottoland Trade Barbs over EuroMillions Ticket Price Increase …and More!

World Lottery Association Appoints New Executive Director

The World Lottery Association (WLA) has appointed Philip Springuel as its new executive director. Before joining the WLA, Springuel served as Head of Corporate Affairs at the European Food Information Council (EUFIC).

“We are very pleased to have attracted such a high-caliber professional as Philip. His extensive experience in the area of international association management will be a great asset to the WLA and will help us continue to grow as an association well into the future,” WLA President Jean-Luc Moner-Banet said.


UK Sports Funding at Risk Due to Falling Lottery Participation

If current trends continue, the UK Sport’s budget, which is funded mainly by National Lottery contributions, will lose £25 million during the 2017-2021 period, as participation in the UK National Lottery continues to fall.

The resulting budget cut – unless the Government agrees to increase its own contribution – will be almost equivalent to the cost of an elite program in a sport such as athletics, or several smaller sports combined.


Finnish National Lottery Makes Hitting the Jackpot a Little Bit Harder

Finnish state-run betting monopoly Veikkaus has introduced changes in its weekly lottery draw that make it a little bit harder to win the jackpot. The odds of winning the jackpot will decrease from one in 15.4 million to one in 18.6 million.

The proposed changes, however, will also make it slightly easier to win certain smaller prizes.


Michigan Lottery to Reward Participants in Its Online Games with Chance to Win $20,000

Through its online platform, the Michigan Lottery offers players more than 30 different games with plays ranging in price from 5 cents to $20.

More than 401,000 players have registered to play since the platform launched in 2014. The Michigan Lottery is now clearly looking to add to that number.


Camelot and Lottoland Row over EuroMillions Ticket Price Increase

Last week, European-wide lottery game EuroMillions increased the cost of tickets from €2 to €2.50 (from £2 to £2.50 in the UK), while making it simultaneously harder to win the jackpot – even though the overall odds of winning any prize remain unchanged.

According to Camelot, one of ten operators of the EuroMillions, the changes would bring bigger jackpots more often.

However, secondary lottery operator Lottoland, which offers betting on EuroMillions and other lottery draws decided to keep ticket prices at the old level. The decision reflected the company’s “mission to provide more choice and better value for our customers,” Lottoland CEO Nigel Birrell said.

Camelot reacted to this decision by publicly stating that Lottoland’s games do not offer the same opportunities to win a prize as the main draw.

“Unlike The National Lottery, companies like Lottoland return no money to good causes,” Camelot’s spokesperson added for good measure. “In addition, while player protection and responsible play lie at the heart of everything we do, companies like Lottoland aren’t subject to the same rigorous regulations that we adhere to.”

Lottoland quickly hit back, claiming that Camelot made a number of “false, misleading and inaccurate” statements. “We offer all the same main game prizes as those available on the official draw, including the jackpot,” Lottoland’s statement read. “Camelot appear to be abusing their position as a legal monopoly in the lottery sector, it is unfortunate that they clearly feel so threatened by Lottoland’s growth in the UK, that they have resorted to these underhand tactics.”

Still, it is beyond doubt that Camelot, as well as other lotteries participating in EuroMillions, donate millions of euros every year to good causes, a burden not faced by secondary lottery operators such as Lottoland.

At the same time, online-only operators are almost everywhere being shut out – unfairly, some would say – from traditional lottery markets. In effect, neither traditional operators, nor secondary lotteries are facing a wholly level playing field.


Other News

Svenska Spel has announced the addition of two new board members.


Greek lottery operator OPAP will add virtual sports to its product offering starting in early 2017.


A Hamburg-based lottery supplier offers a complete lottery system for a mere €99,000 p.a.


The Minnesota State Lottery has set a new sales record in 2015.