NMI – “The lottery sector has increased its digital presence” | Yogonet.com

NMI – “The lottery sector has increased its digital presence” | Yogonet.com

With the G2E Las Vegas show about to begin in the coming weeks, NMi Business Development Manager discussed with Yogonet the future of the industry, saying the company will be sponsoring the CGA@G2E reception for third consecutive year..

What will be the highlights of the 2016 G2E Vegas and why?

NMi‘s highlight of G2E and indeed any show will be meeting up with clients old and new. We also always look forward to catching up with regulators in the various jurisdictional and regulatory seminars. The IMGL (International Masters of Gaming Law) reception is always a personal highlight of ours at G2E. We are also pleased this year to be sponsoring again, for the 3rd year running, the CGA@G2E reception which is organised by the Canadian Gaming Association and their partners Media Edge, publishers of Canadian Gaming Business and organisers of the Annual Canadian Gaming Summit, which always proves to be a great event.

What are operators most concerned about these days?

Operator specific compliance, customer data security and especially AML controls are high on the agenda these days. The position we play with B2B and B2C gaming companies has changed over the years and Compliance Managers are now expecting the testing laboratory they work with to offer them the expertise and support as partners and not just a tick in the box with a certificate to keep on file. Whether it’s a single market with high levels of regulatory oversite, or access to multiple jurisdictions, modern gaming companies require the efficiency and expertise to be able to satisfy regulatory change with a company that understands them, as well as be able to take them to new markets that may have different opinions on mitigating risk.

The gambling industry in the U.S. is going through a period of transition shaped by a range of factors, some of which have their roots within the country, while others are related to the natural affairs of the international scenario. How would you describe the current state of gambling? What does the future have in store for the sector?

Of course, DFS seems to be spearheading the online side of things in the US. However, a lesser noticed channel that has increased its digital presence recently is the lottery sector and their online channels

Although this is driven by the state lottery with silent launches or less than pronounced exposure as we would see in a newly established open market such as Colombia or Romania, this is still an attractive proposition for content providers aiming to push content into the U.S.

In a recent interview granted to Yogonet, a Pennsylvania official who’s pushing to legalize online gambling in the Keystone State, said: “Sometime in the future, I see the U.S. being similar to Europe”. In your opinion, why is it taking so long for the U.S. to allow for gambling expansion in all its forms?

Politically, the US is very complex and contentious issues tend to polarize on each end of the political spectrum. Throw in various interest groups into the mix and changing state law to expand gaming becomes difficult indeed. There are differing nuances in each state’s legislative procedures, which can mean bills can be blocked, thrown out and recycled during the next terms, making predicting which state will next legalise online gambling anyone’s guess. As mentioned before, there is nothing stopping the state monopolies from breaking new ground where opening the market to private operators is a far fetched target.

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