Dutch Operator Nederlandse Loterij Appoints New CEO …and More!

Dutch Operator Nederlandse Loterij Appoints New CEO …and More!

“National Lotteries Play Crucial Role in the Financing of Grassroots Sport”

Last week, Members of the European Parliament held a hearing on “The Way Forward for Grassroots Sport in Europe.” The hearing was supported by the European Lotteries Association (EL).

EL president Hansjörg Höltkemeier expressed satisfaction in the continued commitment to sport on the part of the European Parliament, but also warned that illegal betting represents a serious and continuing threat to the sustainable financing of grassroots sport.

At the end of the hearing, the committee adopted a motion stating that:

“Countries shall also understand that national lotteries play a crucial role in the financing of grassroots sport. That is why it is of utmost importance to establish a sound and sustainable gaming model for the benefit of society. A good balance between market and the service of society can be best reached if the liberalization of the gaming market is considered with precaution.”


Spanish State Lottery to Sponsor National Cyclocross Cup

The Spanish state lottery (Loterías y Apuestas del Estado de España) has agreed to sponsor the country’s national cyclocross cup.

“The lottery’s support is very important, as it will serve to consolidate a fast-growing cycling discipline. It will allow us to organize an event at the highest level,” Jesus Lopez Cerrón, President of the Spanish cycling federation, said.


UK National Lottery Hits Home Run with Olympic Campaign

“A review of the I Am Team GB campaign has shown that awareness of The National Lottery’s support for Team GB has almost doubled during the Olympics – going from 28% before the campaign, to 52% after it,” Totally Gaming reports.

“68% of people said that they feel more positive towards The National Lottery as a result of its support of Team GB and this, in turn, has led to a third of players saying they would play more or be encouraged to continue playing as a result of the support for Team GB.”


Hesse to Offer Temporary Online Betting Licenses

The German state of Hesse has announced it will allow betting operators to apply for temporary licenses that would permit them to offer both land-based and online betting.

The announcement of the Hessian Ministry of the Interior comes in the wake of several high-profile court cases that deemed German gambling legislation in violation of EU law, as well as the subsequent refusal of other German federal states to move forward with meaningful regulatory reform.

However, the permits will only be valid in Hesse, leaving operators on uncertain legal footing if they accept bets from customers located  in other German states.


Reporting on Secondary Lottery Provider Draws Ire of Australian Press Council

Australian website News.com.au has been censured by the country’s Press Council for its article headlined “Record $US1.5b Powerball draw now open to Australian punters.”

A complainant claimed that the article – which focused on secondary lottery provider Lottoland – was misleading, as it suggested Australian citizens were able to participate directly in a US lottery. Instead, Australian punters could only bet on the outcome of the draw.

News.com.au said the article was based partly on a Lottoland press release.


Dutch Operator Nederlandse Loterij Appoints New CEO

Nederlandse Loterij, the successor to recently-merged Staatsloterij and De Lotto, has appointed Niels Onkenhout, former boss of supermarket chain Jumbo as its new CEO.

Previously, Onkenhout has overseen the integration of supermarket chain Super de Boer with Jumbo, in the wake of the former’s acquisition by the latter.

Although setting up a successful online brand will probably be the biggest challenge Nederlandse Loterij will face ahead of the imminent regulation of remote gaming in the Netherlands, Onkenhout appears to possess no particular affinity or experience related to the online segment.


Other News

Intralot posts 17.1% EBITDA growth in Q2.


Lotto24, Germany’s leading online provider of state-licensed lotteries, has secured new financing that should allow the company to reach profitability.


IGT signs a new 13-year contract with The Florida Lottery.


Dutch charity lottery platform supplier Fair Share picks up its second customer. After World Animal Protection, the national Search & Rescue Brigades will now also be organizing their very own charity lottery this September.


Contrary to what is often believed, playing the lottery can be addictive.


Silverfish has launched a new responsible gaming platform, helping, among others, Moroccan state monopoly lottery, La Marocaine Des Jeux et des Sports, to maintain the highest WLA and EL responsible gaming standards.


Around 80% of the funds raised by Dutch foundation Stichting Loterijverlies to support its class action lawsuit, claiming misleading advertising practices, against state-owned operator Staatsloterij were funneled to companies connected to Loterijverlies founder Ferdy Roet, according to Dutch daily De Telegraaf.


German lottery operator Lotto Rheinland-Pfalz has extended its partnership with Bundesliga side FSV Mainz 05.


The Lottery Expo 2016 kicks off today in Miami, Florida.