Lottery Enver Simultaneously for affiliate marketing – Daisycon

Lottery Enver Simultaneously for affiliate marketing – Daisycon

Daisycon launches a lottery comparison tool

Holland Based Affiliate network Daisycon has launched a lottery comparison tool. The comparison tool provides an overview of the most important Dutch lotteries. Publishers can easily integrate the tool into their website, free of charge. For every visitor who buys tickets for a single draw or a subscription, the publisher receives a fee.

The lottery market is important for Daisycon. With this comparison tool it anticipates to new lotteries entering the Dutch market, something that will not take very long in view of developments concerning legislation and licensing. Consumers will want to compare the new lotteries with existing ones. With the new comparison tool, visitors can make selections based on various factors. The maximum prize is obviously an important factor. A part of the players participate to support charity. Thanks to the comparator visitors can easily find out which lottery suits best for them. 

The Dutch online gambling market in a nutshell
The Dutch market for online gambling stands at a crossroad. The online gambling domain is not regulated via Brussels, EU member states may operate on domestic legislation. The current Dutch law on gambling dates all the way back to 1964 (!), needless to say not taking ‘online’ into consideration.

The Dutch Gaming Authority (‘KSA’) is working on a new bill: Remote Gaming. The bill is expected to pass lower house and senate ultimately by 2017. The main purpose of regulating the promotion of online gaming is to protect consumers. In light of the new bill the KSA will distribute more licenses to operate on the Dutch market. Currently there are only a hand full of lotteries that are licensed to serve the market.

When it comes to legal online gaming, Daisycon is the largest Dutch network. Publishers can promote the campaigns of all licensed lotteries in the Netherlands. Throughout Europe Daisycon helps numerous online casino’s, betting and lotteries reaching targets via their publisher network.

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