Czech Investment Groups Establish Joint Lottery Company …and More!

Czech Investment Groups Establish Joint Lottery Company …and More!

Great Britain Became Olympic Superpower Thanks to Lottery Funding

Great Britain claimed no less than 67 medals, including 27 gold, at the Rio Olympics, ending up in second place in the overall medal table. Twenty years ago at the Atlanta Games, Great Britain only won a single gold medal. The reason for this huge disparity? Lottery funding:


“National Lottery funding in the last 18 years has made those fallow Games a thing of the past, putting Team GB on a professional footing. In all, £347million has been pumped in             during this four-year Olympic and Paralympic cycle. Full-time coaching and an array of support staff are still pushing the standards up in every small detail.”


Smartphones, Millenials, and Gaming

On average, millennials spend 3.2 hours every day on their mobile phones, almost a full day in every week. It should thus not come as a surprise that gaming operators have found that younger players are using their smartphones instead of desktops when gambling, and are therefore optimizing services for mobile apps to be used on the go.

In other words, the ubiquity of smartphones is changing, even disrupting, the gaming industry:

“So, how is the prevalence of smartphones affecting the gambling industry? Well, it’s simply making more opportunities for gambling to take place. Millennials can now gamble via             social networking sites and play games through apps, and providers can even capture behavioral tracking data to inform their game design in the future.

[…] smartphones are increasing the number of millennials getting into gambling, but it might also be part of the solution to tackling the negative effects of unsafe gambling habits.”


California Lottery Goes All In on Data Analytics

The California Lottery is increasingly using data analytics to not only identify customers, but also to drive operational business decisions:

“From the selling of physical products, lottery tickets, to how they select their retailers, data analytics is bridging many of the gaps between mountains of data and actionable             intelligence.

During a panel discussion at the Aug. 11 California Technology Forum, Lottery CIO Chris Riesen explained that data was doing more than simply identifying when and where potential players might be, it is also helping to move the larger enterprise toward its strategic goal of becoming the largest lottery in the country.”


Czech Investment Groups Establish Joint Lottery Company

Czech investment groups KKCG and EMMA Capital established a joint lottery company Sazka Group. KKCG will own 75 percent of the shares, EMMA Capital 25 percent. Yet both companies will have equal control in the joint venture.

Sazka Group is full owner of of the Czech Republic’s largest lottery operator Sazka and will also own shares in Greek gaming company OPAP, Italian operator Lottomatica, as well as Austrian companies Casinos Austria and Österreichische Lotterien. Aggregate annual turnover of the operators in which Sazka Group owns shares is a massive 15bn euros.


Other News

Last year, Dutch operator Staatsloterij secretly settled a claim from an individual customer who felt “misled” by the operator’s advertising for €4250. Could this news revitalize the ongoing class action lawsuit on account of “misleading advertising practices” against the Dutch state-owned lottery operator?


National Lottery operator Camelot has joined forces with Freeformers, a startup dedicated to giving young people the right skills for the “future of work,” to find a group of 18-25 year olds who can play a part in shaping The National Lottery’s digital future.


The Indiana Lottery posted a record year in sales.


The Alabama Senate approved a lottery bill, which will now move to the House. If Alabama would finally get its own state lottery, it could very well impact lottery sales in neighboring Georgia.


Play Pokemon Go thanks to the Colorado State Lottery.


A Canadian sports anchor won a $2,000,000 lottery prize live during evening news.