“El Gordo” Christmas Lottery Sales Launched throughout Spain …and More!

“El Gordo” Christmas Lottery Sales Launched throughout Spain …and More!

EuroMillions to Aim for Bigger Jackpots

EuroMillions, the European lottery collaboration between ten lottery operators across nine countries, will be introducing a number of changes in September that have been designed to encourage bigger jackpots.

The bigger jackpots are made possible by lowering the odds of winning to approximately 1 in 140 million, compared with approximately 1 in 117 million currently, as well as a rise in ticket price to €2.50 (£2.50 in the UK). The overall odds of winning any prize will be staying at 1 in 13, however.

UK lottery players protested the price hike on social media, calling Camelot bosses “greedy.”


Online Lottery Sales Continue to Grow

This month’s iGaming Dashboard, brought to you by H2 Gambling Capital and iGaming Business, shows continuing growth in the online lottery sector.

State lotteries have currently captured 10% of the global iGaming market, which is a considerable smaller share than betting (49%), or casino (22%), but larger than poker (9%).

Even more importantly, state lotteries are expected to grow their share of the total iGaming pie to ca. 13% by 2021, which would represent an estimated €7,645m in gross win, compared to a mere €568 in 2006.


Top Results for Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries in H1 2016

The Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries Group achieved strong results during the first half of 2016. “We are confident that we will close the 2016 business year with record sales and profits,” Director General Karl Stoss said.

Austrian Lotteries’ online gaming platform win2day posted particularly strong growth, with sales up 24.2% to €778.5m. More than a quarter of its sales are generated via mobile devices.

The company’s classic lottery product portfolio, however, showed mixed results:

“Sales of Austrian Lotteries classic lottery products for the period lay at 650.7 million euros and thus remained at almost exactly the same very high level as the previous year, whereby sales of the EuroMillions lottery product were up by 10.6 percent year-on-year to 159.2 million euros and sales of the Lotto ‘6 aus 45’ national lottery product were down by 5.1 percent to 294.4 million euros.”


Massachusetts State Senate Approves Online Lottery

The Massachusetts State Senate has approved the State Lottery’s proposed expansion into cyberspace.

In the House, a proposal to allow online lottery games “remains under review.”

The Massachusetts’ lottery has been considered the country’s most successful, raising about $1 billion a year for local services such as public safety and education. But marketing studies show a clear preference for online tickets among people younger than 40, whence the state can expect a sharp decline in revenue in the years to come if the lottery fails to adapt to the new digital reality, state Treasurer Deb Goldberg said.


“El Gordo” Christmas Lottery Sales Launched throughout Spain

Despite the sunny weather, sales for the 2016 El Gordo (“The Fat One”) Christmas lottery have launched throughout Spain:

“The early start responds to a tradition in Spain among holidaymakers on the Costas and elsewhere to take back lottery tickets when they return to their homes to work at the end of        summer, a habit which is echoed in the lottery sales slogan ‘¿Y si toca aquí?’ (And what if it             lands here?). This is the message being put out by lottery organizers, whose summer   promotional campaign for El Gordo this year focuses on the Almería coastal locality of            Roquetas de Mar, where the winning tickets were sold last year.”


The obvious aim of the campaign is to increase early ticket sales – currently around 5% of all ticket sales for the December draw are made in the months of July and August – with participants hopefully buying additional tickets later on.


Other News


Since 2012, UK lottery operators have spent £169m on TV adverts.


An investment group has acquired casino and lottery supplier Inspired Gaming Group.


The Saarland-Sporttoto is supporting a dozen German Olympic athletes.


Watch out for the tax man after winning a big jackpot!


Brazil might go for a state-run online sports betting monopoly that eventually will be privatized along with the country’s instant lottery business.


The Illinois Lottery is looking for a new private management partner.