3D scratch-off game brings augmented reality to lottery

3D scratch-off game brings augmented reality to lottery

IGT Global Solutions is bringing 3D reality to lottery.

The gaming company has partnered with the New York Lottery to bring a first-of-its kind 3D lottery scratch-off game, the Gold Castle instant game, which allows players to experience virtual reality via a mobile app to play scratch-off games.

The instant game involves a free mobile app, the NY Lottery 3D. After installing, players will be prompted to “scratch” a ticket—available for purchase at more than 14,500 retailers across the state—to reveal the special barcode on the top half of the ticket. This, in turn, will launch a 3D rendering of a medieval castle on the player’s smartphone, hence the name of the game.

The players earn points or win cash prizes by tapping the castle windows, according to the company. Winning can be collected by presenting the ticket to a New York Lottery retailer.

Gold Castle can also be played as a traditional scratch-off using the bottom half of the purchased ticket. The company said the result is the same regardless of whether or not the individual plays the game in 3D or in the traditional scratch-off way.

“Players receive the same results and winnings whether they scratched the ticket’s game area or played the ticket in 3D. When using the app, gameplay can also be posted to social networks directly through the app,” according to the New York Lottery.

Powered by Paymaxs, the 3D technology is licensed to the New York Lottery exclusively through IGT Global Solutions.