Dutch Staatsloterij / De Lotto Combination Looking to Exclude Competitors from Sponsoring Sports Associations …and More!

Dutch Staatsloterij / De Lotto Combination Looking to Exclude Competitors from Sponsoring Sports Associations …and More!

Dutch Staatsloterij / De Lotto Combination Seeks to Exclude Competitors from Sponsoring Sports Associations

Recently merged lotteries Staatsloterij and De Lotto will continue as “Nederlandse Loterij,” Dutch daily NRC reported last week.

Shareholders of De Nederlandse Loterij are the Dutch state, as well as NOC*NSF and Stichting Aanwending Loterijgelden Nederland (formerly owners of De Lotto).

Shareholder NOC*NSF, the overall coordinating Dutch sports organization, has furthermore decided that its individual member associations will no longer receive funding if they enter into sponsorship deals with competitors of De Nederlandse Loterij.

As the Staatsloterij / De Lotto combination intends to offer “every variety of game that the Dutch remote gaming bill allows,” the clear intention of this decision is to make it all but impossible for Dutch sports associations to sign sponsorship deals with any gaming operator whatsoever.

Earlier this year, both NOC*NSF and its main sponsor De Lotto severely criticized the sponsorship deal between the Royal Dutch Cycling Union (KNWU) and betting operator Unibet, as “underming solidarity in Dutch sports.”

Chairman Ruud Vreeman of the Dutch Ice Hockey Association (NIJB) openly expressed his displeasure with the decision by NOC*NSF. “We reserve the right to look for our own sponsor online betting market as we simply do not receive sufficient funding from NOC*NSF to properly develop our sport,” Vreeman said.

Despite NOC*NSF’s threats, additional sports associations could follow the lead of the KNWU and the NIJB, as De Lotto’s contributions to Dutch sports have been declining for years.


Spanish ONCE Corporation Posts Revenue Growth

The charitable ONCE corporation, operator of one of Spain’s largest lotteries, posted revenues of €767 million, up 2.8% compared to the previous year. Net profit reached €4 million.

Additionally, at the end of 2015, the corporation employed 10,982 employees with disabilities (34.7% of the total workforce), up almost 3% compared to 2014.


Doing the math: Is It Worth Buying a Ticket for the $430 Million Powerball Jackpot?

One winning ticket matched the numbers drawn on Saturday night for the multi-state Powerball jackpot for a payout estimated at $429.6 million, the ninth-highest U.S. lottery prize in history.

It was the largest jackpot for any U.S. lottery since January, when three Powerball tickets split a record $1.6 billion.

Although $429.6 million is lot of money, the expected value of a $2 ticket still ends up being negative, the people at Business Insider helpfully calculated.



Scientific Games Reports 2016 First Quarter Results

Besides posting overall revenue and operating income growth, Scientific Games also provided information to its investors on its innovative Empower customer conference:

“For the first time we brought together approximately 500 people from 190 gaming lottery and interactive customer entities, the professional development, hands on demonstrations and workshops with direct access to our product experts. Customers were excited about our new products and technologies on display. And for us the greatest benefit was the chance to listen to our customers and incorporate their feedback into our innovation roadmap.”

The company’s lottery revenue remained largely flat, despite a $5.1 million unfavorable impact from the expiration of the China Sports Lottery validation contract and a $3.0 million unfavorable foreign currency impact.


Registrations for World Lottery Summit Are Now Open

Online registrations for the World Lottery Association’s biennial World Lottery Summit, WLS 2016, are now open. The conference will take place from November 6-9, 2016 at the hotel and convention center Marina Bay Sands, in Singapore.


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