Spanish lottery to spend €7.2M for ad campaigns

Spanish lottery to spend €7.2M for ad campaigns

Spain’s Lotteries and Gambling State Society (SELAE) will spend more than €7 million to promote its major lottery draws.

SELAE announced last week that it is looking for an agency that will advertise the Spanish Christmas Lottery as well as the elNino National Lottery for the next 12 months, with the possibility of extending for another year. The maximum budget for recruitment is pegged at €3 million, while the contract is estimated to be worth €7.2 million, excluding the value-added tax.

The organization said the winning agency’s tasks include strategy, creative, production, advertising activities as well as communication and ongoing advice for the two lotteries.

To qualify, ad agencies must be able to show financial solvency (more than €5.4 million a year business in the past three years) and technical capabilities, meaning the firm must have completed at least three similar or higher services compared to the national lottery in the past five years.

Creative strategy will also be taken into account. According to SELAE, creative strategy will weigh 80 points, while the marketing side will make up the remaining 20 points.

A word of warning to potential bidders: SELAI has very stringent requests. For the Christmas lottery, the organization wants the promotions to exude a message of “illusion, hope, generosity, friendship, tenderness, feelings and dreams.”

SELAE has worked in the past with different agencies, such as the Publicis Group in 2014, which was responsible for the lottery’s successful campaigns. Publicis’s lottery campaign, in which the value of sharing was presented, won silver at Cannes Lions and gold at the Effectiveness Awards.