Lottery calculator tells players how much they could’ve won

Lottery calculator tells players how much they could’ve won

There is a lottery calculator that lets players, who use the same numbers every week, know if their chosen numbers have hit the jackpot in the last 20 years, as well as how much they could’ve pulled in if they played every week.

The tool is designed by London-based games website and allows users to play either the U.S. or the UK version.

After selecting which version of the calculator they want to use, the players will simply have to input their favorite numbers, or the set of numbers they regularly use to play the lottery. Then, the players will be taken to the results page, which shows the amount of money the number combination could have won over a period of years. The tool will also tell the user if he or she has missed out on any jackpot at any point.

The company, however, is quick to point out that players cannot simply win by just picking numbers that have been drawn frequently. For instance, the UK National Lottery said the numbers 23, 40, 38, 30, 33 and 34 were “the most drawn numbers of all time,” but according to’s calculator, if a user played these set of numbers every week since November 1994, they would only have netted £1,685.

The same is true for picking “overdue” numbers, because “lottery balls don’t have schedules and the odds are the same.”