Guestblog from Lottery Messenger Forum Organizer: Stuart Ballan

Guestblog from Lottery Messenger Forum Organizer: Stuart Ballan

GLMF speaker - Stuart BallanUnlike the Forex, Binary Options and Gaming industries, the rapidly growing Lottery Messenger industry is not only easy to explain, but it’s of immediate interest to the vast majority of the global population. If you live in a country where you can’t locally buy tickets to the lotteries boasting the largest jackpots, and like hundreds of millions of people scattered around the globe, you too selfishly want to be a super-giant-mega jackpot winner, the lottery messenger industry is your route to achieve your dream.

It’s actually not a new industry. Several very large and established companies have been selling lottery tickets for remote lotteries both offline and online for 10 to 15 years. However, about 3 years ago, the industry was accelerated by several new operators entering the market with their own platforms. Perhaps more importantly, about 18 months ago, a small number of strong B2B platforms started to emerge, immediately lowering the cost and time barrier for new operators entering the market. The last 12 months has seen many new brands; mostly white labels of the B2B platforms. Some are now really finding their feet, having figured out their best product packaging, acquisition and retention strategies. Ah, retention. There are no quick wins in Lottery Messenger. On the contrary, customers are willing to try to win lottery jackpots whilst they still have air in their lungs, meaning excellent retention can potentially keep the same customer for not just years, but decades. So whilst affiliates have had a tendency to initially ignore lottery messenger brands, as they are so used to their own quick wins with large deposits from gaming, Forex and binary options, some are now starting to understand the long term benefit of lottery messenger traffic, potentially providing an income for many years.

In mid-January 2016, greed took over tens of millions of people around the world, chasing and fuelling the US PowerBall jackpot, which increased from nearly $1bn to $1.5bn in just a few days, due to jackpot rollovers. The online lottery messenger industry experienced the gold at the end of the rainbow, with some operators reporting 10 to 20 times normal monthly sales in just a few days. Many operators hadn’t prepared for this tsunami of customers. For the 48 hours leading up to the biggest ever draw of $1.5bn, systems were anywhere from on their knees, to down. Add to it, the industry is mostly based on the remote purchase of tickets. That’s agents; normal people, buying lots of tickets through normal retail routes. Many lottery messenger operators struggled to have the capacity to purchase all the tickets to meet demand, with those operators still operating finding affiliates and other traffic sources, raining down on them. Supply and demand. Three people shared that unthinkable $1.5bn jackpot. Yes, that’s billion, not million. And then it was all over. The calm after the storm. For now. The operators were in the privileged position of needing to create retention strategies and operational plans to keep the flood of new customers, and the industry needed to think through how they would better cope with the next PowerBall Tsunami, scheduled probably for sometime later this year.

The Global Lottery Messenger Forum is the lottery messenger industry’s only annual event. The 3rd annual event, GLMF2016, will take place on 11th April, at the Hilton Hotel, Sofia, Bulgaria, with LottoYard, one of the industry’s key B2B platforms being the Platinum Sponsor. The PowerBall Tsunami will be discussed by an esteemed panel, complimenting a full day of diverse presentations, and an evening of food, drink and networking. The event is invitation only, but if you are involved in the industry, or have a serious intention to enter it, you can see the agenda, speakers and apply to register at

Stuart Ballan has 25 years of B2B business experience, is Head of Sales, Middle East, Counting House, and is the founder and organizer of the Global Lottery Messenger Forum. He’s a regular industry speaker, published children’s book author, father, and a keen off-road cyclist.