IMGL: Dr. Joerg Hofmann celebrates “two incredible years”

IMGL: Dr. Joerg Hofmann celebrates “two incredible years”

Dr. Joerg Hofmann reflects on his recently concluded tenure as president of the International Masters of Gaming Law

These have been two incredible years. On 31 December 2015 my tenure as president of the most highly respected organisation of leading gaming law experts globally, the IMGL (International Masters of Gaming Law), came to an end. And it went by just like that.

The last two years definitely rank among the most eventful and short-lived years in my professional career. Never before have I quite lived that kind of jet-set life, travelling from one continent to another on a regular basis. But I did not merely want to be the head and leading figure of the organisation – I understood myself to be an ambassador of the IMGL, and as a consequence attended as many of the leading international gaming events and conferences as possible during my tenure. An experienced US marketing strategist once told me: “Go big or go home.” To me this has always meant: if you do something, do it right and full-heartedly. Things don’t make sense otherwise.

I set myself three main goals for my presidency. I wanted to widen the IMGL’s horizons in relation to its global reach by tapping into new and interesting gaming jurisdictions all over the globe, was eager to continue to promote and enhance an open and trustworthy dialogue with regulators, and generally raise more awareness of the IMGL and strengthen its good reputation.

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