DJI Holdings launches mobile lottery app in China’s Shandong province

DJI Holdings launches mobile lottery app in China’s Shandong province

It’s all systems go for DJI Holdings’ mobile lottery app in China.

The London Stock Exchange-listed company recently announced that its first Chinese Ministry of Finance-approved mobile lottery application has been launched in the province of Shandong, following successful trials in 2015.

Last year, DJI Holdings entered a 50:50 joint venture with Qingdao Baifa Network Science Technology Service Co. Limited, a Chinese sports and welfare lottery products company.

Qingdao will collaborate with the province’s lottery authority—Shandong Sport Lottery—to promote the app throughout the province, while DJI is responsible for developing and carrying out the marketing strategy for the launch.

Back in October, DJI and Qingdao carried out a successful trial of sales of sports lottery products via mobile phones in Qingdao City, which has a population of 90 million and contributes almost 10 percent of total nationwide sports lottery sales.

The Chinese government has suspended the sale of lottery products online starting March 1, hurting DJI’s revenue in the process. It’s still unknown when the suspension will be lifted, but DJI said the mobile lottery app launching is a “major development and revenue opportunity while online sales of lottery products remain suspended in China.”

DJI plans to use its partnerships with Arsenal and Manchester City football clubs to promote and support the app.

“This is a major milestone for DJI in using its rich experience of channel marketing and English Premier League club resources to promote the Chinese lottery since the suspension of online sales 12 months ago. We look forward to leveraging our exclusive football agreements and Qingdao Baifa’s rights to market through third parties to dramatically expand the promotion channels for Shandong’s sports lottery games,” DJI Holdings CEO Darren Mercer said in a statement.