New patent filed in Canada for sports card lottery game

New patent filed in Canada for sports card lottery game

A Canadian company is seeking to patent a device and method for a sports card lottery game.

Two years ago, Stirling Holtschneider filed an application with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office to patent a daily lottery that was designed to associate tangible sports trading cards of a specific sport, such as hockey, with a chance to win money according to a pool-based payout system. The company’s patent application was only recently made available for public inspection.

According to the company, the idea is to provide a player with “a package of quality sports cards that feature players at different positions of each sport, which have a sporting event that same day.” Then, based on how these players succeed that day, the pack of sports trading cards with the most combined points will be declared the winner. The winner gets to collect a percentage of the pooled money from the net sales of the packs of cards sold for that particular day.

“This lottery games offers the consumer a fun interactive way to follow the sport they love, by combining the tangible element of a physical ‘game piece’ with an intangible chance to win a prize,” Stirling Holtschneider said in its filing.

The company said the application made with the sports of hockey in mind, but the invention “is not limited to any specific sport or any particular sports league.”

Canada already has a patent application for a pool based lottery, which offers a payout scheme based on a gross “pool” of funds divided by a commissioning officer of the lottery product to the winners based on a percentage of net sales.

“There is an advantage to combine these two successful concepts to create a sports card pool-based lottery as described herein, which will create additional value as its own unique and novel lottery game,” the compay said.