State considers allowing online lottery ticket sales |

State considers allowing online lottery ticket sales |

A bill raised by the legislature’s Public Safety and Security Committee would allow for lottery tickets to be sold online through a licensed vendor. If the bill moves forward, Connecticut would be one of the few states in the country to offer online lottery tickets. It would also be one of the only states to sell online tickets through an outside vendor.

“I’ve never heard of this before,” said state Rep. Stephen Dargan, D-West Haven, co-chair of the committee. “I thought it was somewhat different.”

The Illinois Lottery and Georgia Lottery have been selling tickets online since 2012, but tickets are only available directly through the state lottery website, not a vendor. Direct online sales have been available through the Michigan Lottery since 2014. Online lottery tickets were sold through two primary vendors in Minnesota until last year, when the state’s legislature shut the online program down. New York offers online subscriptions for certain lottery games, allowing residents to order tickets and receive winnings online or through a check sent to their residence.

He doesn’t think the proposal will have much support, Dargan said, but that lawmakers are eager to learn more about the “unique” idea. A public hearing on the bill will be held Tuesday in Hartford.

“I think that’s why we’re hearing it, to get an education and find out what’s going on in the gaming world with this,” he said, noting that the proposal likely came from a lobbyist representing a company that would like to sell tickets online.

Under the pending legislation in Connecticut, a lottery sales agent — someone who is licensed to sell lottery products — would enter into an agreement with a company to sell lottery tickets online. The company would then purchase tickets on behalf of others through the sales agent, and would be tasked with redeeming and distributing winnings.

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