Romanian Lottery suspends pool betting products

Romanian Lottery suspends pool betting products

New gambling legislation has prompted the Romanian national lottery to temporarily shelve its pool betting products.

Loteria Romana recently announced that it is suspending its Pronosport and Prono_S products effective on March 1. The suspension will last until the two pool betting products were able to receive new operating licenses and permits from the Romanian government’s gambling regulator.

Last week, the government implemented new regulations on the organization and operation of gambling products, including pool betting.

In a statement sent to, Loteria Romana said it “strictly complies with relevant legislation on gambling,” which was why the national lottery operator “has already submitted all documents to obtain licensing and authorization” for both Pronosport and Prono_S.

“We mention, once again, that this suspension is temporary [while we are] obtaining new licenses and authorizations,” Loteria Romana said in a statement.

Last year, the Romanian national lottery ensnared in several lottery scandals involving different gaming and technology companies. In April, Romanian prosecutors launched an investigation of Loteria Romana and Greek gaming technology firm Intralot over the use of more than 6,000 slot machines that authorities believed were operating without license or authorization between 2006 and 2014.

Several months later, Loteria Romana once again found itself tangled in another government investigation after it failed to receive €75 million in guaranteed revenues from Austrian gaming company Novomatic.