WLA VIDEO: Educational video of World Lottery Association ‘the RFP process explained’

WLA VIDEO: Educational video of World Lottery Association ‘the RFP process explained’

To streamline the lottery procurement process, which is notoriously costly and time consuming, the WLA has worked with NASPL, operators, suppliers and independent consultants to develop a Best Practice for lottery RFPs. The Global RFP Best Practice provides comprehensive guidance and standardization of lottery procurements while fully accounting for the legislation in the respective lottery’s jurisdiction. Following the Best Practice will make it simpler, faster and cheaper to develop a successful RFP, obtaining responsive proposals and conduct the evaluation of those proposals.

About the Global RFP Best Practice

The Global RFP Best Practice is aimed at providing guidance and is not a mandatory standard. However, by using it each member individually, and the industry collectively, will dramatically decrease costs and workload in the procurement processes.

The Best Practice does not limit a lottery’s ability to specify its requirements as the lottery wishes, nor does it prevent suppliers from tailoring proposals to best meet a lottery’s requirements. Rather, the Best Practice is focused on simplifying the often routine and laborious task of the procurement process, allowing both lottery and supplier staff to focus on more productive aspects of the procurement process.

Effectively standardizing procurement processes is a long term project. Continuous improvements will be made to the Best Practice, and WLA encourages your feedback and suggestions.

Source: Request for Proposal (RFP) – Using the WLA Standard for Success