eLOTTERY receives new US patent for state-of-the-art ticket sales system

eLOTTERY receives new US patent for state-of-the-art ticket sales system

Application service provider eLOTTERY Inc. announced that it has recently been awarded a new patent—its 12th patent to date—from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Edwin McGuinn, CEO of eLOTTERY’s parent company eLOT, said the patent (USPTO #9,230,399) will enable eLOTTERY to offer a compliant online ticket sales system that could identify location as well as verify age and player identity via mobile devices.

“The ability of these patented technologies to record player identification and age/location verification extends to other games of chance played on desktop and mobile devices, such as Powerball, MegaMillions, e-Scratch games, Keno and daily ‘Fantasy Sports’ games,” McGuinn said in a statement.

eLOTTERY already holds 11 U.S. patents prior to the latest patent award. The company’s latest intellectual property acquisition will be merged with the older patent awards that cover the sale of lottery products to be sold via the Internet or other electronic systems such as mobile devices, kiosks and other remote terminals.

“This will enable us to offer the industry’s most comprehensive e-commerce solution for the sale of state and governmental lottery products,” McGuinn noted. “These patents will allow us to capitalize on what is an enormous and rapidly expanding e-commerce opportunity.”

According to the eLOT CEO, state lotteries that have the ability to sell tickets online could increase their sales by as much as 15 percent—or on a nationwide industry basis—a gross increase of $10 billion to the existing $67 billion of annual U.S. Lottery sales.

Outside of the United States, eLOT also holds e-commerce patents for selling state and governmental lottery tickets in Australia, Canada, China and Norway.