Lottery CEO and WLA President Moner-Banet: “More and More Players Want to Access Our Gaming Site from Tablets and Smartphones” and More…!

Lottery CEO and WLA President Moner-Banet: “More and More Players Want to Access Our Gaming Site from Tablets and Smartphones” and More…!

Lottery CEO and WLA President Moner-Banet: “More and More Players Want to Access Our Online Gaming Site from Tablets and Smartphones”

In order to modernize and enhance the functionality of its online and mobile gaming platform,  Swiss lottery operator Loterie Romande signed a deal last week with Camelot Global, sister company of the UK National Lottery operator.

Jean-Luc Moner-Banet, CEO of Loterie Romande and president of the World Lottery Association, explained the rationale behind the agreement by stating that “the habits of those playing online are evolving fast to keep pace with technological advances. More and more players want to access our online gaming site from their tablets and smartphones; this explains why our new platform will be designed so it can be adapted in an optimum way to work with these devices.”

Staying true to its wide-ranging social-responsibility policies, Loterie Romande aims to offer its customers a  “totally reliable and secure” online gaming platform, protected with “the most efficient and appropriate safeguarding mechanisms” to preclude those risks associated with excess gambling.

“Lotterie Romande has a long history of innovation and delivering new and exciting games to our customers. We have provided an online channel since 2010 and it is hugely popular, but, responding to the evolving habits of our players, we are always striving to improve our offering,” Moner-Banet further added.


Oregon Lottery Introduces Culturally Specific Scratch Cards

In order to increase its appeal to underserved minorities, the Oregon Lottery recently decided to introduce culturally specific scratch cards:

“Lotteries from California to Connecticut have created culturally specific tickets, but Oregon leaders have long shied away from advertising to ethnic minorities. Now, they’re   reversing course. Last year, the Lottery debuted a Latino-themed Loteria bingo. This year, they’re selling Chinese New Year themed Scratch-It tickets.

Lottery officials say there’s one reason for the change: Minority groups asked for them. […]

Though Latinos make up nearly 13 percent of Oregon’s population, they make up only 4   percent of lottery sales. Asian Americans account for 4 percent of the population, but only 2 percent of lottery buyers say they identify as Asian.”

“If we want their sale, we have to ask for their sale, and we have to come to their community to do that that,” Oregon Lottery director Jack Roberts said.


UK National Lottery Courts Dissatisfied Players with Flowers and Dinners

The UK National Lottery’s decision to lower the odds of winning in exchange for bigger jackpots has left part of its customer base dissatisfied – and some players calling for a boycott. In order to woo back these punters, Camelot Group, which operates the National Lottery, has started offering discounted meals, magazine subscriptions, and flowers “as a little thank you for playing Lotto.”

According to UK tabloids the Daily Express and Daily Star, however, players are having none of it. “If they call that a treat they can shove it where the sun don’t shine,” one player reportedly tweeted.

Meanwhile, the National Lottery also launched a quick-fire, humorous online film campaign to encourage people to buy its online instant-win and offline scratch cards. Perhaps not coincidentally, each ad promises players a one in four chance of actually winning a prize.


The Untapped Potential of Online Lotteries

Online lotteries could be the business opportunity for 2016, according to Mor Einhorn, COO of B2B online lottery supplier Lottonetix:

“Today the lottery segment holds a 29% share of the global gambling revenue, but when focusing specifically on the online gambling section, the lottery is responsible for only 10% of the revenues. The forecast is that this gap will be closing rapidly within the next few years as online lottery activity grows.”

Check out the rest of Mor Einhorn’s take on the online lottery market here.


Other News

The Colombian National Lottery is set to launch a range of virtual sports titles for players to bet on.


The UK government is proposing to relax its rules regarding incidental charity lotteries.


The Japanese government will allocate a larger part of its lottery revenue toward the costs of building a new Olympic stadium.