ICE 2016: LOTTOTECH Grows Bigger and Bigger

ICE 2016: LOTTOTECH Grows Bigger and Bigger

LOTTOTECH is back home from what was a truly spectacular and unforgettable ICE 2016. Words cannot describe the magnitude and awesomeness we experienced on literally every level during the three days of the biggest gaming show on Earth.

ICE 2016 was the most rewarding industry event we’ve attended so far. All the hard work, time and effort we invested into our participation have already started to pay off tremendously. LOTTOTECH’s Space Station was definitely the most impressive and futuristic booth from all lottery companies at the show. Crowded with visitors from day one till the very end, we had dozens of meetings with prospective partners, receivedinquiries from some leading gaming companies and returned home with tons of business cards.

Back in 2014, we started off as online lotto’s brightest inventors. Now that we have established ourselves as the leading lottery platform provider, we keep on riding the wave of innovation. Currently, the LOTTOTECH platform is the only service-oriented lottery software on the market with the most flexible functionalities and the most advanced API technology. The overwhelming interest in our products and services inside the Gaming Technopolis is yet another proof that we are moving in the right direction.

ICE Totally Gaming is the only expo in the world to give LOTTOTECH such a massive level of exposure and opportunities. It was great to see so many people coming and telling us that we’re the best lottery platform provider out there. We already can’t wait for ICE 2017”, commented LOTTOTECH CEO Delzar Khalaf.

Source: ICE 2016: LOTTOTECH Grows Bigger and Bigger