World Lottery Association Hosts First Ever iLottery Seminar …and More!

World Lottery Association Hosts First Ever iLottery Seminar …and More!

World Lottery Association Hosts First Ever iLottery Seminar

The World Lottery Association (WLA) is hosting its first ever iLottery seminar on April 6, 2016 in New York City. The seminar will focus on engaging retailer support, developing and marketing games for the online consumer, and the integration of iLottery with traditional retail channels.

The WLA’s iLottery seminar is a clear sign that traditional land-based lotteries are showing an increasing interest in the effects of the digital transformation on their classic business models.

The iLottery seminar will be directly followed by SMART-Tech 2016 “The Future of Lottery Retailing” Conference on April 7-8.

To register for the WLA’s iLottery seminar, click here.


Unprecedented $1.6 Bn Powerball Jackpot Falls

Three winners from Florida, Tennessee and California overcame the 1 in 292.2m odds and will split the unprecedented $1.6 billion US Powerball jackpot.

The record jackpot generated an enormous amount of interest in last week’s Powerball draw. In the state of New York alone, retailers have earned more than $9.36 million in commissions in the ten week roll up period.

Powerball fever even reached China as wannabe billionaires rushed to buy tickets from online resellers before last Wednesday’s draw.


Lottery Betting Sites Profit from Powerball Mania

Just days after Gibraltar-based lottery betting site Lottoland won an Australian license, Powerball-mad Aussies looking to buy tickets to bet on the record $1.6b prize draw, managed to crash the Lottoland site. Reportedly, Lottoland signed up 107,000 Australian members in a single week.

In the US, Lottoland added 450,000 customers in the 48 hours leading up world record Powerball prize draw, potentially (and controversially) snatching away these customers from the lotteries actually organizing the Powerball draw.

“The ‘PowerBall Rush’ confirmed our belief that we can disrupt and inject far more excitement and fun into one of the world’s oldest games,” Lottoland Managing Director Luke Brill commented.


Intralot a Top Contender Thanks to R&D

Intralot, originally a lottery systems and services provider for the Greek National Lottery (OPAP), has managed to become one of the three largest gaming companies worldwide. Active in 57 countries and with €1.85 bn in yearly revenue (2014), Intralot spends an impressive 10% of its turnover on research and development.

As a result, Intralot, for the eleventh consecutive year, has made the list of top innovative European companies according to the EU Industrial Research & Development Investment Scoreboard, published annually by the European Commission.

Intralot recently partnered with Mondogoal in order to enter the Italian DFS market.


Third Annual Global Lottery Messenger Forum to Take Place in Sofia, Bulgaria

The third edition of the Global Lottery Messenger Forum will take place on Monday, 11th April 2016 at the Hilton Hotel, Sofia, Bulgaria.

The event will focus on the “Lottery Messenger” industry, allowing non-local players (such as the Iraqi resident who recently won a $6.4 million jackpot in the Oregon Lottery) to participate in renowned lotteries by buying, storing, and processing local lottery tickets in exchange for a small markup.


Chinese Lottery Sales Keep Falling

Hit by the suspension of online sales and an economic downturn, China’s lottery sales have dropped for the sixth consecutive month last November.