Lottery Fever Grips US as Powerball Jackpot Grows to $1.3bn …and More!

Lottery Fever Grips US as Powerball Jackpot Grows to $1.3bn …and More!

Lottery Fever Grips US as Powerball Jackpot Grows to $1.3bn

With no winners in Saturday night’s record $949.8 million Powerball drawing, the next jackpot could reach an estimated $1.3 billion (or $806 million if the winner opts for a lump sum payment), lottery officials said early Sunday. The next drawing is Wednesday night.

Saturday’s already staggering jackpot caused an extremely high demand for Powerball tickets, which for now – and at least until Wednesday – shows no signs of abating. “At our peak last night, we were selling more than $1.2 million in Powerball tickets every single minute,” said Texas Lottery executive director Gary Grief on Sunday.

The US Powerball lottery is operated across 44 states by the Multi State Lottery Association.

The record-setting jackpot is also getting attention from non-US players, Martin Rosmann, a representative of the Lotter, which sells tickets for Powerball and other lotteries around the world said that his company had sold 55,000 tickets, including thousands in the UK, for the Saturday night draw, and expect to sell many more for Wednesday. “Powerball no winner” was a trending topic on Twitter on Sunday.

The previous highest jackpot in the US was $656 million, back in 2012. In comparison, the UK National Lottery, for instance, also reached a record jackpot last weekend of a “mere” £66 million ($96 million).


New Rules for Dutch Lotteries

Following a legal row (which even reached the Supreme Court of the Netherlands) in which it was found that the state-owned Staatsloterij misrepresented the odds of winning by having large numbers of unsold tickets participating in their drawings, additional rules for lottery license holders (including SNL-Loterij, Lotto, Nationale Postcode Loterij, Vriendenloterij, and Bankgiro Loterij) have been drawn up.

Henceforth, lotteries are no longer allowed to draw prizes from among unsold tickets without clearly informing lottery players. In case of unsold tickets participating, lotteries are obligated to inform players of:


  • the number of unsold tickets participating in the drawing;
  • which of the announced prizes are not guaranteed to be paid out following the drawing;
  • the odds of non-guaranteed prizes to be actually paid out; and
  • what will happen to prizes that will not be paid out following a particular drawing.


Polish Government Employs Lottery Lure to Fight Underground Economy

Inhabitants of Poland are being incentivized to ask for official receipts after purchasing goods or services by the National Receipt Lottery.

The National Receipt Lottery accepts receipts indicating a purchase of PLN 10 or more as tickets for their monthly drawing, offering participants the opportunity to win electronic devices or even a car.

Following last quarter’s move to allow hairdresser and cosmetician receipts, the National Receipt Lottery now also accepts receipts from private doctors and dentists.


Other News

The Deutsche Lotto und Totoblock (DLTB) will be chaired by LOTTO Hamburg GmbH over the next three years, taking over from Saarland-Sporttoto.


The Ontario Lottery goes mobile by introducing a smartphone and tablet app.


The Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (AGEM) reports that the gaming equipment manufacturing sector posted a positive performance in 2015.


447 years ago, today, England held its first state lottery drawing.