Study Details Extensive Benefits of European Lotteries’ Contributions to Sports …and More!

Study Details Extensive Benefits of European Lotteries’ Contributions to Sports …and More!

Study Details Extensive Benefits of European Lotteries’ Contributions to Sports

A new study, “The impact of Lotteries as a funding source for European sport”, commissioned by The European Lotteries (EL) and carried out by SportsEconAustria outlines the extensive benefits of lottery funding for both European sports and the European economy as a whole:

“Through the EL-member payments to good causes on sport, a total Gross Value Added (GVA) of over 1.5 billion euro is generated in the EU. The contribution to the GDP is thus    0.01 percent, or in other words: every nine-thousandth euro generated in the EU can be traced back to the EL members’ payments for sports directly or indirectly.”

According to the study, in 2012 the contributions of EL members to sports-related good causes created over 25,000 jobs directly and 14,000 indirectly.

The full report can be downloaded here and includes a country-by country overview.

In related news, European Lotteries and the European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation (ENGSO) have renewed their partnership.


Global Lottery Sales Growth Slowing Down; Europe Holding Steady

According to the World Lottery Association (WLA), global lottery sales slowed further in the nine months through to September 2015, with aggregate 9M on 9M growth moderating to 2.5% from half-year on half-year growth of 4.6% and first-quarter on first-quarter growth of 8%.

The WLA reported strong growth in both North and Latin America, while European sales were holding steady:


“European lotteries eked out an aggregate increase in sales, this time of 0.6% for Q1–Q3 2015, as against Q1–Q3 2014. Although sales essentially held steady across Europe as a whole, several European lotteries nonetheless recorded stellar double-digit growth.”


Dutch State Secretary Expects Little to No Substitution to Occur between Traditional Lotteries and Online Gaming

Last week, the Dutch State Secretary of Security and Justice (the department overseeing games of chance in the Netherlands) released a 95-page document answering the questions of various representatives regarding the proposed remote gaming bill currently being discussed in committee by the Lower House.

One key takeaway on the State Secretary’s answers is that few, if any, substitution effects are expected to occur that would threaten the revenues of traditional lotteries – or, ultimately, lottery donations to Dutch charities.


Other News

Ventura24, a Spanish online seller of lottery tickets, has noted a sharp increase of customers shopping for Christmas Lottery tickets through mobile devices. 26% of users who visited in advance of the holiday season made use of a mobile device.


US branch of Italian lottery giant GTECH buys slot machine manufacturer IGT for $6.4 billion.


Despite mounting pressure from the European Union for Sweden to reform its national gambling framework, Swedish state-owned operator Svenska Spel has had its gaming license renewed for another three years.


According to noted advertising and marketing magazine Adweek, a heart-warming commercial for a Spanish Christmas lottery has made it to #8 of the ten best ads of 2015.


Meanwhile, a commercial of the Belgian National Lottery, featuring a snowman longing for warmer climes, has been made ad of the day at The Drum.