Only 10% of European Lottery Revenues Go to Charities or Good Causes …and More!

Only 10% of European Lottery Revenues Go to Charities or Good Causes …and More!

Only 10% of European Lottery Revenues Go to Charities or Good Causes

European lottery sales, on average, amount to a massive 82 billion euros a year. But only 10% of these revenues end up going to charities or other good causes, according to a new study.

It should be noted, however, that there are wide discrepancies between countries and operators. Portuguese and Irish lotteries are the most generous, donating on average 31% of of their gross gaming revenue (GGR) to causes that benefit society. On the other end of the spectrum, in Italy and Spain, only 2% of GGR ends up being donated to good causes.

In the Netherlands, three of the four major lottery operators each donate 50% of GGR (40% starting in 2017) to charities or good causes, while the fourth, state-owned Staatsloterij, gives exactly 0%, electing to fill the state’s coffers instead.

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German Lottery Ticket Broker Switches to Secondary Lottery

One of the largest German online sellers of lottery tickets,, has quietly switched to a Gibraltar-based secondary lottery. Thus, instead of actually participating in a German lottery, customers of are now betting on the lottery’s outcome at a foreign operator.

The specific reason for the switch remains unclear, although online brokers of lottery tickets are said to have been unhappy for quite some time with the apparent lack of cooperation from the lottery organizations of the various German federal states.


“Incomprehensible” that Low-Risk Lotteries Are Being Banned from Polish Online Market

At last week’s World Regulatory Briefing in Bucharest, Wojciech Szpil, CEO of Polish operator Totalizator Sportowy, said it was “incomprehensible” that low-risk products such as lotteries and number games may not legally be offered online under the country’s highly restrictive 2011 Gambling Act.

Szpil stated that his company’s objective is to sell “safe entertainment instead of generating maximum sales and profit” and added that is was paramount that Poland should allow responsible operators to legally compete with their unlicensed and unregulated peers.


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