Pop-u-Lotto™ invites casino operators to think outside of the slot

Pop-u-Lotto™ invites casino operators to think outside of the slot

Dan Engel, co-founder of the Pop-u-Lotto raffle style lottery which is due to launch in Brazil, Q1 2016, has issued an open invitation to casino operators to be part of the lottery experience rather than turn their backs on what he describes as ‘one of the biggest celebrations in gaming’.

Engel’s commentary follows the apparent reluctance of the casino resort industry in Nevada to embrace the lottery sector, a situation which resulted in legions of Nevada residents crossing the state border to purchase their Powerball tickets and have a chance of winning a jackpot which was close to the original cost of building the Bellagio casino on the Las Vegas strip.

Engel explained: “According to a 2015 article in the Las Vegas Journal, there have been close to 30 failed legislative attempts to allow lotteries in 40 years and this is despite the fact that 70% of Nevada residents are in favour of a state lottery.  Is it any coincidence that the most popular location for Powerball ticket sales in all of the United States was a store located less than 50 miles from Las Vegas in California?

“Protectionism simply doesn’t work.  I would urge casino operators to think again about the branding and CRM opportunities offered by lottery.  Instead of pulling down the shutters why don’t they think outside of the slot and extend their brands into a different and softer form of the extended family that is gambling?

“There’s a huge cross over between gaming disciplines and I believe this example of  ‘silo thinking’ should be consigned to the very distant past.  However, I do share the misgivings of some commentators regarding the size of some lottery jackpots and the danger of alienating players as the odds of winning become remote.

“Our solution to potential lotto fatigue has been to create a Raffle style offering, with a fixed number of tickets, which always delivers a winner and most importantly for the player, offers the very best odds on the planet.

“I think lottery and casino have more to gain from working together than they have to lose, an argument that we will be advocating in our many meetings scheduled for the ICE show in London.”


Source: Pop-u-Lotto™ invites casino operators to think outside of the slot