Inventors receive US patent approval for instant alphanumeric lottery game

Inventors receive US patent approval for instant alphanumeric lottery game

An online alphanumeric lottery game—the first of its kind—has just been given the head’s up for a U.S. patent.

Inventors Gary Kadlec and Craig Sedoris recently received approval for their second patent application for their instant alphanumeric lottery game, Scratchezz.

In a statement, Phrazzes Lottery said the approval, which was handed out before 2015 ended, was the “second major step needed for the two to move forward” with the system. Back in September, Kadlec and Sedoris received Notice of Allowance on their patent application for the alphanumeric slot game system.
“This game enables players to enter letters, numbers and symbols in virtually any combination, creating a personalized word-based slot game they then spin, trying to match some or all of those characters to win. They call it True Player Choice,” the company said in September.

According to Phrazzes, Kadlec and Sedoris’s lottery game and slot game “deliver a flexible concept with applications in casinos and lotteries as well as online gaming markets within the United States and globally.”

The game works by letting players click on different covered sports found on the online card. They can match all items, or some of the characters to gain a win. After completing the game, the players can then click on “REBEAL ALL” button to see where the winning characters were.

The inventors admitted that there are dozens of games similar to Scratchezz, but what makes this game different is the number of careful steps they took to protect their innovation.

“There is not another lottery game giving players the ability to customize a game to their personal interests,” Kadlec said, according to Casino Scam Report.