FDJ recorded € 13.7 billion sales in 2015 (+ 5.4%) and initiated a strategic digital turn

FDJ recorded € 13.7 billion sales in 2015 (+ 5.4%) and initiated a strategic digital turn

FDJ, under the leadership of its new President and CEO Stéphane Pallez appointed in November 2014, developed sales in 2015 while engaging in a digital transformation through the business plan deployed in the physical network and online “FDJ 2020: an expanded vision of FDJ.”
26.3 million customers and a Forte omnicanale distribution (31,900 points of sale and digital channel), FDJ recorded sales of € 13,7Mds in 2015 (vs. 13Mds € in 2014), up 5.4% (against 5.2% last year, which included an exceptional event with the World Cup), or more than € 700M of additional sales thanks to dynamism of the scratch games, sports paris and digital.

Dynamic activity

  • € 9 billion won by customers (1 point Back to player ratio to 66% of stakes), gains 215> € 1 million against 211 in 2014 (a record € 40m EuroMillions; fdj.fr record gain of € 7M)
  • Games Scratch reach € 6,3Mds sales, + 10%
  • Sports paris 2,3Mds reach nearly €, + 14%
  • Nearly € 690 million in local trade (+ 5.4%; + approximately € 35 million)

Strategic project FDJ 2020: 2015 achievements

  • Scanned sales (network and online) increased + 19% to € 570M, or 4.1% of sales
  • 1.3 million online customers (+ 100 000 new customers)
  • Launch of three new lottery games fun, interactive generation
  • 23,000 new terminals gaming taken to scan the physical network
  • New Partners: Asmodeus, YouTube / Google and Web Factory School
  • € 100M of future investments; € 13 million committed in start-up (fund Partech International)
  • International: FDJ operates sports paris of the Portuguese Lottery Santa Casa de Misericordia
  • FDJ launches the “La Ola FDJ” program for UEFA Euro-2016 FDJ and is committed to the Paris 2024 Olympic bid

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • € 3.1 billion to the national community (ie + € 60m vs 2014)
  • Game solidarity at COP 21 in favor of WWF (€ 2.4m Term)
  • Strengthening Responsible Gaming, particularly prevention of underage gambling during the Rugby World Cup and new support tool of the game on the digital channel
  • Handicap: deployment of the first 200 adapted furniture; FDJ Foundation has launched the Tour de France Sailing with skipper Damien Seguin disability sport;partnership with the Paralympic Committee and Sport French

Strong objectives and time 2016


  • 100 M € investment in the strategic project FDJ 2020
  • Surpass the € 14Mds 5% and sales of digitized
  • Recruit 400,000 customers through sports paris and UEFA Euro 2016
  • Inauguration of automated central warehouse
  • New field sales organization to drive the network directly (2/3 bets internalized at the end of 2016 vs. 1/3 in 2015)
  • Investment in new innovation fund startups


  • Digital: launch a dozen new generation of online lottery games, experimentation in the network of a scratch ticket illiko Digital +, launch of new mobile applications Lotto and Euro Millions
  • Enlargement of the range of sports paris (8 8 new sports and new formulas of paris point of sale through the ParionsSport application) before Euro Soccer and Rio Olympics
  • Celebrating 40 years Lotto and Euro Millions visit the 2nd half (exceptional prints …)
  • Themed scratchcards UEFA Euro 2016 and launch a game with TF1
  • Responsible Gaming: minor TV Game prevention campaign before UEFA Euro 2016

Stéphane Pallez, President and CEO of the French Games, said:

“In the plebiscite scratch games, sports games paris and scanned, the French chose innovation and the digital in 2015, responding to the will of FDJ reveal the potential of its growth. The performance of the year put FDJ well positioned for a successful digital transformation-related FDJ FDJ 2020 project in 2016 to surpass the 14 billion sales and 5% of digital sales, attract new customers through 400 000 to paris sports and accelerate its investment in innovation. The development of our digital expertise will also nourish the international ambitions of FDJ, 4th global lottery. “

Detailed results: range of games and strategic project FDJ 2020

The French remained very moderate playing many are in the public gaming model FDJ 26.3 million customers (26.9 in 2014) played 10 € per week on average (€ 9.3 in 2014) , a net expense of € 3.4.

The player winnings amounted to € 9 billion (€ 8.5 billion in 2014) or 66% of stakes.215 earnings above € 1 million were won including 10 earnings above € 10M.

The network, even if it continues to suffer from industry difficulties in the press and tobacco remains strong of 31,900 points of sale (32,700 points of sale in 2014), the first network of close to 11,500 present in France municipalities. His income was approximately € 690m (including related compensation payment of prizes), up 5.4% compared to 2014 (approximately + € 35M additional), or more than € 21,600 on average per outlet (+ 8% per POS).

? Lottery games record 11,4Mds € sales, up + 3.8%, driven by scratchcards which rose by 10% and represent 46% of total FDJ

Lottery games account for 83% of sales. They rose by 3.8% to € 11,4Mds sales (vs € 11Mds sales and 2.9% in 2014).

The enthusiasm of the French for the scratch games bringing growth lottery games

The scratch games account for 46% of total sales FDJ. The illiko range passes the threshold of € 6 billion to 6.3 billion € in sales, up 9.6% (vs. € 5.7 billion and 4.8% in 2014). The twenty scratch cards, perennial or ephemeral that rely on a topical or thematic, have attracted customers 18,6M (weekly averaging 6.5 €), more than 2 billion tickets sold, it confirming the place of France in the field of scratch game and know-how of FDJ (No. 2 worldwide).

This strong growth was driven by innovative launches as “Koh Lanta” (TF1 partnership), “Golden Honey” (reprise of a successful game on FDJ.fr), “United for a Better World” (game for the environment and WWF launched for the COP 21).

It is also explained by the growing range and research Jackpots symbolic, as evidenced by the success of Cash (gain € 500,000) with 2,2Mds € sales (1st game FDJ), but also the successful launch of Jackpot (gain € 500,000) and Sapphire (gain € 250,000) to Pactolus (gain € 200,000) and X Multiplicator (€ 1 million gain).

Exhaust games suffer from the lack of long-cycle EuroMillions My Million

Drawing games (Lotto, Euro Millions, Keno etc) and games express edition (mainly Amigo POS game) FDJ represent 37% of sales. They record 5,1Mds € sales, compared with € 5,2Mds sales in 2014, down 2.7%.

? Exhaust games record € 3,6Mds of sale. 20.1m pulling players have bet € 3.5 per week.

On the eve of its 40th anniversary which will be celebrated in 2016, Loto confirms its resistance with € 1.5 billion of sales through five long cycles (Loto record: 17M € achieved in January and November), a favorable schedule (3 Fridays 13) and successful events such as the UEFA EURO 2016 Jackpot of 12 December and the launch of the game Loto group (games taken 1.7M and 3 players on average per group). Keno remained stable at € 524 million.

My Million-Euro Millions record € 1.5 billion in sales against 1,6Md € in 2014, down 11%. Despite 3 wins Euro rank Million 1 won in France (a record € 40 million in July) against 6 in 2014 and despite the success of My Million which has 146 new French millionaires (against 139 in 2014), Euro Millions-My million suffers from a lower level of the jackpot in 2014: jackpot won on average € 45 million vs. € 57 million in 2014.

? Quick Draw games record € 1,4Md sales. 3.3 million players have wagered € 8.2.Amigo, which represents the bulk of the range of express draw games, up slightly to nearly € 1,4Md sales (+ 1.9%). The pool of players increased by 600 000 players (3.3M 2.7M in 2015 vs. 2014) while averaging weekly decline to € 8.2 (€ 9.8 in 2014).

? Sports paris, with sales of € 2,3Mds confirm their success after the 2014 Soccer World Cup and UEFA Euro 2016 before

Sports paris amounted to nearly € 2.3 billion, or 17% of total FDJ, up 14%, stronger growth rates games FDJ in 2015 (vs € 2Mds betting and growth of 20% thanks to the World Cup 2014).

Paris sports have attracted 3.3 million customers in 2015 (+ 300,000 new punters), confirming that sports paris now a mainstream range. The weekly average bet is € 13.2 vs. € 12.7 in 2014).

The year 2015 shows the growing interest of French for the sport that is becoming a social phenomenon and benefits paris sports, as evidenced by record TV audiences for major sporting events. Football, representing 72% of sales, continues to draw the line with the French and European championships. The paris recorded during the Rugby World Cup in 2015 tripled compared to the previous edition in 2011 (€ 19 million vs. € 6M).

Paris sports available in a network of 25,880 points of sale increased by 14.4%, sports paris online rose by 10%.

? FDJ deploying a new strategic project FDJ 2020 “increased vision FDJ”

During the 1st half, Stephane Pallez, General President and CEO of FDJ since November 2014, leading a strategic reflection on the future of FDJ. This resulted on 1 July 2015 for approval by the Board of Directors of a project called “FDJ 2020: an expanded vision of FDJ.”

FDJ 2020 will invest over 500 million euros, notably to transform its IT base (€ 250 million), scan the network (€ 180 million) and invest in innovation through start-up funds. The FDJ 2020 project also carries an international ambition which passes through the sale of technology and services to gaming operators and / or sports paris.

FDJ 2020 is the conquest and reconquest of customers through the development of digital technology in the physical network and online. This objective goes through a process of open innovation through partnerships with leading companies or start-ups. The objective is to 1M + players within 5 years to 27.3 million customers, 20% of digital sales (that is to say sales online or in the physical network with a digital hand) and 10% of sales on breakthrough innovation in games.

During the 2nd half, extending the first action taken during the 1st half, Stephane Pallez worked to implement the FDJ 2020 project.

  • New partners in the area of the game (editor Asmodeus European # 2, 200 new games per year) Communication (YouTube / Google for taking the turning point in the video, digital media and social networks) and in terms of open innovation (Innovation Factory Factory School of the web to involve younger generations and Partech International to invest € 13m in start up)
  • New generation of entertaining lottery games, interactive and collaborative: online launch o Loup Station, Gold Rush and Duel cards end 2015 (games that appeal to a new clientele of women and young adults); new scratch games on mobile (Banco, Astro and Goal). Furthermore, FDJ recorded sustained growth in its web exclusive games (eg Conduct the survey) to 10.7%.
  • New digital services: the mobile represents 13% and digital sales increased by 1 point, the first TV campaign on digital services, success of the new Sport bet application to prepare his games jacks (8.5% of sales Sports Bet at year end 2015) expanded FDJ offers the web, mobile & tablets,

As part of the new strategy FDJ, scanned sales are a key indicator for the success of the FDJ ambition 2020. In 2015, they amounted to 4.1% of sales, up 19% to € 567 million , compared to 3.7% of sales and € 478m in sales in 2014.

Note that the strengthening of the control of the interim distribution circuit between FDJ and retailers is likely to consolidate the network and advance the digital sales in POS (2/3 bets “internalized” at the end of 2016).

Sales in the network is not using digital services amounted to 96% of sales is € 13,2Mds (vs € 12,5Mds in 2014), up 5.4%.

? A responsible and committed company

The FDJ 2020 strategic project is the Social Responsibility policy Corporate linked to economic impacts, social and environmental of its business.

A model of redistribution and solidarity

Since its inception in 1933, FDJ is based on a redistribution model to the benefit of all. In 2015, 95% of stakes were distributed: to customers (66%), the intermediate and retail distribution network (6%) and the national community (23%).

The contribution to the national community of 3.1 billion € (+ € 61 million) in 2015, more than € 230 million for the benefit of sport for all (National Sports Development Centre) and the renovation of the French stages ‘Euro 2016.

On the occasion of the COP 21, FDJ has launched a scratch game ephemeral “solidarity for a better world” for the preservation of the planet for the benefit of WWF (up € 2.4 million distributed to the association at the After marketing the current game 2016). Recall that FDJ continues its CO2 emissions efforts in: – 30% between 2007 and 2014.

FDJ continued its commitments to sport: Sport for All financing in France (over € 230M in 2015) and funding of the construction or renovation of the speaker stadiums hosting UEFA Euro 2016 (€ 150M in 2011 2017), the fight against sports corruption (Integrity appointment of a Director) and radiation of French sport (FDJ commitment to the Paris candidature JO 2024, victory of his rider Thibaut Pinot at Alpe d’Huez in the Tour de France ….).

The company is engaged in the field of diversity policy:

> Gender Equality: signing of a new enterprise agreement that supports the mix, the ultimate goal is that the managerial line has the same proportion of women in the company, that is to say 44 % in 2015.

> Handicap:

  • FDJ, with the employment rate of disabled people is for the 3rd consecutive year above 6%, shall aim to achieve this level at the Group level in 2020 (1,800 employees with subsidiaries in 2015 FDP, LVS etc) ;
    New furniture adapted in its outlets (200 deployed 26 000 2020)
  • Corporate Foundation FDJ participation in the Tour de France Sailing with skipper Damien Seguin handisport
  • Signature of a partnership with the French Paralympic Committee and Sports.

A balanced game model

The FDJ 2020 project strengthens responsible gaming commitments also using the digital potential. A new version of the software allowed Playscan in 2015 to assist the players in their game on the digital channel, with the ability to individually manage their practices and set boundaries. Big Data A pilot project is underway.

Beyond the continuation of links maintained with civil society (National Federation School for Parents and Educators …), academia (University Paris Descartes …) and associations (SOS Players, E-childhood …), FDJ has reinforced 2015 its prevention of underage gambling, especially during the Rugby World Cup or the Summer Tour, and its shares to a recreational practice play (TV communication campaign on moderation services Game).

Monitoring games and integrity in the network remains a priority. More than 32 000 outlets inspections were conducted this year for compliance with safety requirements, customer relationship and responsible gaming FDJ. To reward best practices, the network benefited from 25 M € Responsible Gaming bonus.


Source: FDJ recorded € 13.7 billion sales in 2015 (+ 5.4%) and initiated a strategic digital turn